o Free OPD in Our Associate Hospital (Only Registered Patient)
o Free advice on reports through our professionals.
o Help in Patient movement from bed to the Hospital (it includes Ambulance, Nursing Staff and etc.)
o Not get into the trap of pimp/broker etc.
o No grapevine in communication.
o Attendant has not had to bear unnecessary travel and treatment cost. He will save his precious time & energy.
o Treatment on package rates.
o Assists in the admission and discharge process.
o We Provide requests for Air Ambulance/ Train Ambulance/ Road Ambulance at affordable rates.
o Assistance could be provided for food and lodging at an economical rate. (if requested)
o Care After Treatment (i.e. time to time counseling).
o Discount will be provided in checkup/diagnostics tests.
o MHCS will provide an ” eSUVIDHA CARD” for future concerns with more benefits.(T & C ) apply.
And Many More Value Added Services

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