About Margdarshan Health Care Solution LLP

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Founded in 2016 by visionary 2 social entrepreneurs Mr. Ajay Kumar Shaw and Mr. Birendra Kumar. Margdarshan Healthcare Solutions has rapidly emerged as a leading healthcare facilitator in India. The name Margdarshan itself reflects its mission to guide people toward health and wellness. Through innovative technologies and patient-centric care, Margdarshan has redefined the way healthcare is delivered, emphasising quality, affordability and accessibility. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Shaw and Mr. Kumar, Margdarshan continues to transform lives and shape the future of healthcare in the country.

When a person is affected by a serious illness, his family is also involved in the same struggle. It brings not only financial suffering but also mental & physical harassment. Due to Short and accurate information also, life becomes stressful. Our Margdarshan organisation has been working with the same idea since 2016, where we always strive to provide support in the treatment of serious diseases / Major Surgeries and treatments. We partner with reputed hospitals with specialist consultants & surgeons across India, and offering all healthcare needs, starting form OPD – Admission -Treatments – Discharge and even after that… across India with medical treatment services at upto 50% waive off on major surgery like- Heart Surgery, Kidney Transplant, Liver Transplant, Spine Surgery, Hip/Knee Replacement Surgery, Cancer Treatment, Kidney Stone, Gall Bladder Stone etc.

Even those people who are very weak financially are always welcomed to get the treatment through us. We are committed in making people understand the importance of health through Health awareness camps, because as we know “HEALTH IS WEALTH”. Nothing is more important than Health in life. A person who is physically and mentally healthy keeps their family, society, organisation & nation healthy.